Some of our past missions include:


      ·       Needs assessment  for  MARPS  HIV/AIDS  prevention programming in Nigeria

·         Value for money (VFM) impact assessment of the Sustainable Drug Supply System (SDSS) in secondary and primary healthcare facilities in selected Northern and Eastern States of Nigeria. DFID-funded.

·         Baseline health facilities situation analysis in Kalomo, Mansa, Nyimba and Lundazi districts of Zambia. UNICEF-funded  

·         Baseline primary and secondary health facilities essential drugs availability survey in FCT, Kano, Jigawa, Kaduna and Enugu States, Nigeria

·         Mid-term primary healthcare facilities performance survey in FCT, Kano, Jigawa, Kaduna and Enugu States, Nigeria

·         End Term primary health care drug revolving fund (DRF) impact assessment survey in Kano and Jigawa States, Nigeria 

·         Mid-term Assessment of the Partnership for Transforming Health Systems Phase Two. DFID-funded

·         Impact of Price Reform on Health and Productivity of Rural Women

·         Situational Analysis of Children in ‘Invisible’ Work

·         Socio-Economic Health Profile and Hierarchy of Needs in Oyo, Ogbomoso and Saki Cities; World Bank/Oyo State Development Programme.

·         Survey of Male KAP on Contraceptives in Nigeria  

·         An assessment to identify the facilitators and barriers to health data use in Zambia. UNICEF-funded

·         Benefit realization assessment for surgical pathways in Medway NHS Foundation Trust, England  

·         Baseline Assessment of HIV Policy & Programming for MARPS in Nigeria

·         Impact assessment of improved patients’ pathways and performance management in Medway NHS Foundation Trust, England

·         Review of the  effectiveness  and  efficiency  of  the  transformation  agenda of the Princess Alexandra Hospital (NHS Trust), Harlow, England

·         Needs Assessment for HIV/AIDS intervention programming for ‘most at risk population’ (MARPS) in Ghana

·         Health facilities HIV/AIDS data quality audit survey for secondary health facilities in Benue and Kaduna States, Nigeria CDC -funded

·         Health facilities and households needs assessment for ART and TB services in Anambra State, Nigeria. CDC-funded

·         Inception Baseline assessment of the Independent Monitoring Project for DFID State Level Programmes (SLPs) in Nigeria. DFID-funded

·         Assessment of the modernization tools, techniques and approaches in Medway NHS Foundation Trust, England

·         Health facilities and household needs assessment for ART and TB services in Edo State, Nigeria

·         Assessment of Bamako Initiatives Operation at the Local Government level (Kebbi and Niger States)

·         Socio-Cultural and Economic Determinants of the Value of Children in Three States of Nigeria (Enugu, Kaduna and Lagos States)  

·         Social Assessment of Micro-watershed and Environmental Management Program in Bauchi and Niger States of Nigeria (World Bank project on MEMP  

·         Perspectives on Positive Leadership in Nigeria: A National Survey; Centre for Social Science Research and Development (CSSRD), Lagos  

·         Knowledge and Attitude and Perception (KAP) of Hazardous Child Labour in Cocoa Producing communities in Nigeria: The Case of Ondo state, Nigeria

·         Gender and Social Exclusion Analysis (Kano State) SAVI/DFID-funded